What are you doing with the time other people waste?

What are you doing with the time other people waste?

“It has been my observation that most people get ahead during the time that others waste.” (Henry Ford)

This happens to be one of my favourites quotes from the gentleman who brought us the motor car! Just imagine what you could achieve if you used the time that other people waste…..

What are you doing with the time other people waste?

I’m not really sure many people realise juts how much time is wasted every single day of our lives – whether waiting for people or appointments, commuting, travelling, watching TV, scrolling through social media and the internet…the list is endless.

For many years I have sought to use my time wisely and not waste it. The Bible encourages us to redeem the time.

We only get one go at this life and I’m determined to make the most of it and all the opportunities there are.

Time is so precious and I’m determined to use my time effectively. I’m especially keen not to waste time.

So for instance, I’ve always taken books to the doctors and hospital appointments and for years I have risen early to spend time with God, do some quality work, and make sure that my day is planned out and that I hit the ground running.

It’s amazing what can be achieved while the house is quiet and you are free to focus your attention.

With the advent of the laptop and tablet I’ve worked on planes, trains and anywhere I could.

In fact I wrote several chapters of my first book ‘Imagine(Trusting God like never before)’ whilst travelling at 39,000 on my way to holiday destinations.

I also make sure that I have podcasts lined up on my devices if I’m going on a journey of any kind.

The Daily Commute
I read recently of a guy called Andy Leeks who wrote a book called ‘As they slept’ (A year in the life of a London commuter) on his daily commute into London.

It’s a comical tale of the commuters that he spent his daily journey with and so far it has sold over 37000 copies!

He’s also written three further books. What a great use of his time.

And all this done in the time others waste! In fact while some of the slept!

Statistics suggest that the average commuter spends 200 hours a year travelling.

Imagine what you could use that time for?

Thinking Time
Sometimes I use journeys to pray, listen & think creatively and so during often this time I will turn off all distractions and noise and allow God to speak. As a generation we don’t spend enough time shutting out the noise to ‘allow’ time to really think. This is crucial especially for leaders and great use of our time.

Imagine What A Difference You Could Make To Your Life?
Imagine what you and I could achieve if we considered the time that we’re wasting and put it to good use?

We could stop wasting time on fruitless activities and write a book, start a blog, spend time with family, volunteer, exercise, start a business, study, listen to a podcast, improve ourselves or our home.

Imagine if you redeemed half an hour or an hour a day and did something really productive with it….

I’ve always loved writing and this was one of the reasons for starting the blog.

I work on it during the times other people waste and I’m really enjoying the journey.


NB. Don’t forget to have ‘downtime.’ I’m not suggesting we go killing ourselves by making every moment productive. We always need to factor in ‘margin’ and sometimes sitting on a train enjoying the scenery can be necessary rest & recreational time. Enjoy!

So what are you doing during the time others waste…..

I’d love to receive some feedback and ideas.

Footnote: Since writing this blog I’ve come across a great little book (32 pages!) by Laura Vanderkam entitled What the most successful people do before breakfast: A short guide to making more of your mornings – and life.’ I highly recommend it. Long title but it only took me half an hour to read!

What ways have you discovered to use the time that other people waste?

What have you achieved during the times other people waste?

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