Discover how to trust God like never before and live like never before!


About The Book

Imagine what your life would be like if you really trusted God? Imagine the impact on your faith, your family and your other relationships. Imagine the impact on your career, ambitions, dreams, finances and health. Imagine the doors God might open and the new adventures you might enjoy. Imagine the lasting legacy you might leave for the generations to come.

So many of us struggle to trust God, yet this is the key to discovering the life He intended for us. Using Proverbs 3:5-6 as a core text, pastor and author Simon Lawton will take you on a journey of new faith and discovery. He explores how we can learn to trust God fully, to overcome fear, to acknowledge God in the big and small, to trust in His infinite knowledge and to stay on the straight paths God lays out for us. If we learn to trust God like never before, we will begin to live like never before!

By the end of ‘Imagine’ you will have been challenged to really trust God, encouraged and inspired by the authors own experiences and transparency to deepen your faith and you will discover the endless possibilities of a life lived by fully trusting God. Whatever stage you are at in your Christian faith - this is a book that will inspire you to trust like never before and live like never before - but be warned - you may need to read it twice. It’s packed with wisdom and insight from Simon’s life and ministry experience and each chapter is interwoven with the Word of God.

“Faith is always an adventure, and adventures are sometimes scary but never boring. Read this book intentionally. Let it soak through your soul and revitalise long-forgotten dreams. Let it reignite your hunger for God and yearning to see Him move again. Here you will find inspiration for the discouraged, hope for the despairing and grace for the fearful. Let the God of whom Simon speaks touch you through his words and bring life to your soul again.”

Rev Malcolm Duncan, pastor, author, theologian, broadcaster, FRSA

Imagine what God would trust you with tomorrow if you trusted Him more today.


“Just as a car needs an MOT, our souls also need a regular tune-up. This timely ‘manual' will jump-start your faith and get your trust spark plugs firing properly again. While this is a helpful and practical book, it is not just about maintenance. Simon dares us to imagine a life where we truly trust God for the entire journey ahead. Buckle up, get into gear and start reading. I guarantee you’ll be glad you did.”

Cathy Madavan, writer, speaker and author of Digging for Diamonds.

Amazon Reviews

Simon has written a great book here, full of practical wisdom, spiritual advice and testimony regarding what is possible with God, in whom we can place our faith and trust. Simon does not shrink from discussing deep issues and he shares his own journey with searing honesty, humility and grace. He is not afraid to discuss his own shortcomings, and God's intervention in his life has led him to a life of fulfilment, adventure and purpose. I would heartly recommend this book to anyone who wants to discover what is possible with God, and go on a journey of imagination to find out how far you can go if you place your trust in the one who is eminently trustworthy. Thank you Simon for sharing this book with us, and we look forward to your next writing.

(Neil Langmead)

An excellent book that really makes you think about what the possibilities are if we actually live as the Bible tells us to. If we have real Biblical faith. As a Pastor, I will be encouraging each person in my church to buy and read a copy of this book. It's highly recommended.


I read this book while away on holiday which is actually a very good time to read it because you have time to absorb it. It’s full of practical advice and challenges. I found myself nodding and saying “yes, I agree with you, Simon”. It has challenged me in the areas I know I need to work on. I wholeheartedly agree that spending time in the presence of God, listening for his voice revolutionises my life and leaves me yearning for more of God’s spirit’s presence in my life, wanting to trust God more and more and follow the path he has given me.

(Liz L)

I loved the book. Its easy to understand and every chapter is underpinned with Gods word. The book directly speaks to you as you read it and the questions and challenges Simon poses really makes you think. The publishing of the book has come with impeccable timing as myself am faced with some big challenges but i am now going to Trust God with these like never before!!


A great book about what God can do in your life if you really trust Him and obey His calling. Written from the author's own personal experiences. A perfect book to hand out at churches and also to friends. This is a book that I would definitely pick up and read over and over again. Because I do believe in this generation we need that reminder to trust God in everything. “Imagine” what he could do it you just trust him. Thank you for such a great publish.

(James Griffin)

A great read, full of great insight in what it really means to “Trust in the Lord”. Encouraged me to dare to live a life like that!


A must read! What a journey. You will learn, identify and be inspired by this book to keep believing God has all the more. He is trustworthy and Faithful.


Just finished reading this book tonight. A great book filled with warming stories and challenging questions to consider.

(M.C. Sabais)

I thoroughly enjoyed this book. I particularly liked the way that the author maintained the biblical thread supporting his comments and views. This places a strong dimension on the product. It is a book that will prove invaluable to not only new but also older Christians. A great read!

(Peter Byers)

Extremely helpful book urging us to walk through in faith. It has been a great blessing in hard times. Our faith is in a Person who cares.


“This is an incredibly powerful book written as if the author is chatting to you about his own life, struggles and experiences during his ongoing walk with God. It is a very real and honest book with bible verses to back up what the author is sharing about. Personally this book is having a big impact on me and my faith in God. I would recommend to anyone to buy this book if you want to deepen your relationship with God at whatever stage you are in your walk. Imagine the impact this book could have on your life....”


“What a great book! I’ve picked it up and now I can’t put it down. Full of encouraging truth. Authentic & real and practical ways of changing your life. I would definitely recommend! I can’t wait for the next book!”

(D.C. Martin)

This is a great book to read if you want to get closer to God. It is so easy to read and so inspiring. I have really enjoyed it and am now going back to the beginning to read it all over again to find all the gems I may have missed the first time.


A great book about what God can do in your life if you really trust Him and obey His calling. Written from the author's own personal experiences. My mother and I have bought several copies which have either been given or lent to friends, many of whom have also bought copies. A great book to give out.

A wonderful story of faith and dedication overcoming all obstacles. Full of practical advice and wise instruction. The book invites the reader to ‘dream dreams’ and live out vision with tenacity and determination. A Good hearty read

(P. Hallam)

On my journey through life and ministry I am learning that feelings are not meant to lead but they are meant to follow faith. Easier said than done but essential to fulfil vision and necessary for Christian living in itself. Without TRUST it is impossible to allow Faith to lead because we are so feelings orientated. The author in sharing deeply about his own life and many years in ministry, along with the many quotes of others, makes for a deep and very personal account of learning to trust and then developing trust more. The result makes for a very intelligent read as well as a devotional read of equal magnitude. The book has first reminded me of the power of trust and also my need to continue to understand it's practical outworking and development. A great an enjoyable read that will without doubt educate and inspire you.

(John Bullock)

Trusting God sounds so easy, but it's a constant battle for me. I'm used to doing things my own way and in some ways 21st century Western society encourages us to rely on our own strengths and hard work. Simon Lawton's book puts me straight and points me back to God with every chapter - His ways are so much better than my ways when all said and done! I recommend Imagine for anyone seeking inspiration for their future.


I’ve served God for many years but this book has pushed me to want to go up a level in trusting God. It’s full of practical advice and honest reflections from someone who has clearly walked the walk before talking the talk. Whether just starting or walking the journey of faith in Jesus for many years, I’d highly recommend you read this book and be inspired to step up to another level.

(Andy Boxall)

A great first book!..The transparency and authenticity of the author is very evident. A worthwhile uplifting and encouraging read, one that is well worth more than one read...

(Ann Lee)

Information for Pastors, leaders and churches


There are now a growing number of churches who have used ‘Imagine’ for their small group studies and some have combined it with their Sunday message series. The first ten chapters contain teaching on each clause in Proverbs 3:5-6 along with chapters that deal with trusting God with every day challenges including:

  • Dark and difficult days
  • When nothing appears to change
  • In the major decisions
  • With your future
  • When you feel fearful
  • With your money
  • From now on

Imagine includes an extensive small group study guide for each chapter including, icebreakers, discussion questions and prayer pointers that could be used in any church or home group setting.

NEW: Simon has now provided a short video teaching for each small group study (available for first 10 sessions at present) to be used alongside the study guide. There is also a brief introductory video for pastors and small group leaders with some helpful guidelines for leading a group. It's available on YouTube as "Imagine for churches."

"I can not recommend 'Imagine' by Simon Lawton highly enough. It is honest, encouraging, challenging and loaded with Scripture. The small group notes, questions and prayer points are a gift to any Bible Study leader. Every person I know who has been a part of this journey through "Imagine" has grown in their faith as a result of spending time in the Word of God, discussing it with friends and then beginning to trust in the Lord with all their heart."

(Pastor Gordon Allan, Senior Leader, Edinburgh Elim Church)

'Thank you so much for this amazing resources. Would highly recommend it!"

(Jem Chesman, Pastor, Chiswick Christian Centre)

"Thank you so much for writing this book. We just finished reading and studying it in our small group. There are so many good points that we found ourselves underlining on almost every page. In fact we so much enjoyed this book that the next book we are going to read and study is your newest book, "Courage for the discouraged."

(Joyce Freiheit, Rochester, Minnesota)

"Simon Lawton's book 'Imagine' is a great read on trusting God. It is challenging and at the same time encouraging. It is also very practical and the study guide helps the reader to apply the lessons to every day life. We have also used it as a small group study resource. The feedback has been very positive. It has worked exceptionally well in the context of small group discussion. Whether you read it to build your own faith or use it for group study, you will not be disappointed."

(Pastor James Glass, Senior Pastor, Glasgow Elim Church

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Please contact Simon direct at for more information and a quote. The author is also available for speaking engagements and is more than happy to make himself available to launch a series based on Imagine.

About the author Simon Lawton

Simon has pastored churches in Crewe, Newcastle and Birmingham. He and his wife Julia have five children, six grandchildren and a crazy little dog called Alfie! Simon’s interests include football (he’s a keen Leicester City supporter), travelling, running and reading.