Prioritise Your Life!

Prioritise Your Life!

Are you one of those people whose life seems to be in a constant state of disarray?! Some of us are naturally organised and others just seem to live from one crisis to another. I know people who never ever write anything down. They just presume they will remember everything which is simply crazy. None of us can and the larger responsibility we have the more we have to remember!

Being disorganised is not good! My aim right now is not to make you feel worse but to try and help…

But first we must grasp the impact of being disorganised:

  • We constantly fail to do what needs to be done
  • We fail to prioritise and so miss deadlines and important dates
  • We can lose money through late payments, not meeting targets etc.
  • We let other people down inc. colleagues, bosses and worse still family members
  • We increase the stress and pressure in our lives and this leads to frustration and can sometimes cause illness
  • We miss out on the fulfilment and sense of achievement of what should have been a highly productive time period.
  • If we fail to be able to manage ourselves then we are going to struggle to manage others or a team
  • Our personal productivity goes through the floor and our lives are poorer for it

I guess I’ve always been pretty organised and over the years I have been someone who has written lists each day and then reviewed them. In my early work life I even had an A4 sheet on a clip board neatly organised into three areas: ministry, home & work. Then later I used the Franklin Covey planner diary but over the last few years I have found an app that has been an incredible help to me in organising my life.

Before you ask…I’m not an affiliate of this product but I simply want to recommend it as it has served me so well. It has been a brilliant tool!


The Priorities App by is brilliant. You can sync it between all iOS devices, email your tasks, integrate with your calendar, set reminder alerts, share pages with other people. It’s just great and so easy to use! I’ve created sections for household chores (but not ironing!) , shopping lists, church, blog, finance, individual staff members & team leaders (for our meetings)…In fact I now have 14 different sections! I can add to them wherever I am and whenever I think of something.

Once I’ve added all the things that I need to remember to Priorities, the App then neatly & seamlessly puts the tasks into a priority list each day. I’ve been using it for nearly three years and it has helped me organise my busy world!

Hope it helps….what do you use?

  • Kathleen
    Posted at 09:24h, 02 May Reply

    Wow. I’m going to start calling your blog: Simon Says!

    It has so much good information, always. Thank you for your time 🙂

    • Simon Lawton
      Posted at 15:27h, 05 May Reply

      Ah bless you Kathleen. I’m glad you’re enjoying what I share. It’s great connecting with people all over the world! God Bless!

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