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Life Changing Books

Life changing books ~ We are what we read! People often ask me, as a Pastor, to recommend books. Apart from the Bible (which has clearly had the biggest influence!) the following have been the most influential at different stages of my Christian life and have been life changing books:

Be Intentional! Read more this year!

Why not make a choice this year to read more? I’ve benefited so much from the many books I’ve read. So why not choose today to read a new book? I’ve made it easy for you… simply CLICK on the book’s image and you will be taken directly to Amazon.

Ordering Your Private World (Gordon McDonald)

A brilliant book which really helped me to organise my inner and outer world. It transformed me in so many ways when I read it some thirty years ago.

Restoring Your Spiritual Passion (Gordon MacDonald)

This is another classic from Gordon MacDonald. Particularly helpful for those who have lost their passion and maybe experiencing burnout. A great read!

Calvary Road (Roy Hession)

I was handed this by my pastor as a young adult and this book changed my life. I suddenly realised what the Christian life was truly about.

Holy Spirit I Hunger For You (Claudio Freidzon)

This is an amazing life changing book which teaches about the need for total dependence on the Holy Spirit. This is a book that I regularly return to in order to remind myself about what is important. A classic!

God Chasers (Tommy Tenney)

This is another of those books which kindles the flame of passion for the presence of God and the importance for prioritising His amazing presence.

Prayer: Key To Revival (David Y. Cho)

This book more than any other helped me to discover how to pray. Many of the lessons within this book have become habits in my Christian life.

7 Habits of Highly Effective People (Stephen Covey)

This is the book that will help you order and prioritise your life. Constantly at the top of the leadership top sellers and another life changing book!

Listening To God (Joyce Huggett)

I first read this book over 30 years ago and it was a tremendous help in discovering how to listen to God’s voice. So many helpful thoughts, ideas and truths. Read this and you will definitely improve your ability to hear and discern God’s voice.

Margin (Richard Swenson)

This is a great book for busy people! This book helped me so much to create margin in all the important areas of my life. Another book I return to regularly.

Knowing God (J.I. Packer)

I read this classic at Bible college. It really helps us to understand who God is and His character.

Too Busy Not To Pray (Bill Hybels)

This is another great and very honest and helpful book on prayer by a respected pastor & leader. Should be on everyone’s book shelf.

Evangelism By Fire (Reinhard Bonnke)

Reinhard is an inspiration when it comes to evangelism and sharing your faith. Love this book!!

Strong Men For Tough Times (Edwin Louis Cole)

Edwin, though sadly long gone, continues to inspire men to be men. Read this book over 20 years ago and his other book ‘Maximised Manhood’ is a must read for any man.

There’s A Miracle In The House (Tommy Barnett)

This book probably, more than any other, inspired me to go for it as a person and as a Kingdom builder! Inspirational! Life changing book!

A Man In Christ (J. Hudson Taylor)

It was my mother who encouraged me two read some of his books. Incredible story of faith of one of the men credited with the spread of the gospel in main land China. Inspirational and faith building!

Sixty Minute Series Plus Others (Rob Parsons)

These books are really great reads. Will only take you an hour and they’re full of helpful advice and wisdom for those wanting to develop great families and relationships. They certainly all impacted me.

I hope these books help you and impact your life as much as much as they have on my personal journey!

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