Welcome to Imagine for churches, small groups and book clubs based on Proverbs 3:5-6. It is my belief that one of the greatest challenges that we face is the one to trust God and yet trusting God is the key to living life in all it's fullness.

Imagine what your life would be like if you really trusted God. Imagine the impact on your faith, your family and your other relationships. Imagine the impact on your career, ambitions, dreams, finances and your health. Imagine the lasting legacy you might leave for the generations to come.

Imagine will take you on a journey of new faith and discovery as you explore how to learn to trust God fully, to overcome fear, to acknowledge God in the big and the small and to trust in His infinite knowledge and to stay on the straight paths God lays out for us.

If we learn to trust God like never before we will begin to live like never before!
This is where you can discover all the information that will help your church or small group run this study series.

If you can, please watch the video (below) “Introducing Imagine for churches and small group guidelines for leaders” first.

It’s a great introduction for those planning to use this resource and has tips for leaders too. There are now a growing number of churches who have used ‘Imagine’ for their small group studies and some have combined it with their Sunday message series.

The first ten chapters contain teaching on each clause in Proverbs 3:5-6 along with further chapters that deal with trusting God with many of the every day challenges we face including; on dark and difficult days, when nothing appears to change; in the major decisions; with your future, when you feel fearful; with your money and from now on.

Imagine already includes a small group study guide for each chapter including, icebreakers, discussion questions and prayer pointers PLUS - Simon has now provided a short video teaching for each small group study to be used alongside the study guide that could be used in any church or home group setting.

You can access all the FREE video teaching sessions for each chapter of Imagine (below).
"I can not recommend 'Imagine' by Simon Lawton highly enough. It is honest, encouraging, challenging and loaded with Scripture. The small group notes, questions and prayer points are a gift to any Bible Study leader. Every person I know who has been a part of this journey through "Imagine" has grown in their faith as a result of spending time in the Word of God, discussing it with friends and then beginning to trust in the Lord with all their heart."

(Pastor Gordon Allan, Senior Leader, Edinburgh Elim Church)

"Thank you so much for writing this book. We just finished reading and studying it in our small group. There are so many good points that we found ourselves underlining on almost every page. In fact we so much enjoyed this book that the next book we are going to read and study is your newest book, "Courage for the discouraged."

Joyce Freiheit, Rochester, Minnesota)

"Simon Lawton's book 'Imagine' is a great read on trusting God. It is challenging and at the same time encouraging. It is also very practical and the study guide helps the reader to apply the lessons to every day life. We have also used it as a small group study resource. The feedback has been very positive. It has worked exceptionally well in the context of small group discussion. Whether you read it to build your own faith or use it for group study, you will not be disappointed."

Pastor James Glass, Senior Pastor, Glasgow Elim Church

"Thank you so much for this amazing resources. Would highly recommend it!"

(Jem Chesman, Pastor, Chiswick Christian Centre)


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Introducing "Imagine"
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Thank you so much for your interest in Imagine.

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