Discover how to trust God like never before

and live like never before!


About The Book


Imagine what your life would be like if you really trusted God? Imagine the impact on your faith, your family and your other relationships. Imagine the impact on your career, ambitions, dreams, finances and health. Imagine the doors God might open and the new adventures you might enjoy. Imagine the lasting legacy you might leave for the generations to come.


So many of us struggle to trust God, yet this is the key to discovering the life He intended for us. Using Proverbs 3:5-6 as a core text, pastor and author Simon Lawton will take you on a journey of new faith and discovery. He explores how we can learn to trust God fully, to overcome fear, to acknowledge God in the big and small, to trust in His infinite knowledge and to stay on the straight paths God lays out for us. If we learn to trust God like never before, we will begin to live like never before!


By the end of ‘Imagine’ you will have been challenged to really trust God, encouraged and inspired by the authors own experiences and transparency to deepen your faith and you will discover the endless possibilities of a life lived by fully trusting God. Whatever stage you are at in your Christian faith – this is a book that will inspire you to trust like never before and live like never before – but be warned – you may need to read it twice. It’s packed with wisdom and insight from Simon’s life and ministry experience and each chapter is interwoven with the Word of God.

“Faith is always an adventure, and adventures are sometimes scary but never boring. Read this book intentionally. Let it soak through your soul and revitalise long-forgotten dreams. Let it reignite your hunger for God and yearning to see Him move again. Here you will find inspiration for the discouraged, hope for the despairing and grace for the fearful. Let the God of whom Simon speaks touch you through his words and bring life to your soul again.”


Rev Malcolm Duncan, pastor, author, theologian, broadcaster, FRSA


“Just as a car needs an MOT, our souls also need a regular tune-up. This timely ‘manual’ will jump-start your faith and get your trust spark plugs firing properly again. While this is a helpful and practical book, it is not just about maintenance. Simon dares us to imagine a life where we truly trust God for the entire journey ahead. Buckle up, get into gear and start reading. I guarantee you’ll be glad you did.”


Cathy Madavan, writer, speaker and author of Digging for Diamonds.

Imagine what God would trust you with tomorrow if you trusted Him more today.

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