"Rediscover courage in the midst of discouragement and allow God to restore faith, hope and strength in your life."


About The Book

We live in truly challenging days. Covid 19 has changed our world and the way we live. Many are struggling with stress, anxiety & fears and are wondering how they will get through all this. The five D’s – discouragement, disappointment, disillusionment, despondency and despair – are very real. All of us experience these feelings at one time or another, but many feel overwhelmed by them.

So how do we combat these feelings and how can we develop courage when we are struggling? Sharing from his own experiences, Simon explores these questions and offers many helpful, practical and Bible-based solutions.

By the time you’ve read this honest and transparent book your faith will have been stirred, hope will have been renewed and strength will return to your walk with God. In fact if you don’t already know God, you may well discover Him within the pages of this book.

“Those who have read Simon Lawton’s first book, Imagine, will not be disappointed by Courage for the Discouraged. Biblical, inspirational and practical, Simon has packed years of pastoral and personal experience into this volume, and all to good effect. Read it as a daily devotional, a personal spiritual development handbook, or, if you preach regularly, as something to spark your preaching imagination. Or just read it for a bit of encouragement. It works on all those levels."

Pastor James Glass, Elim regional leader, Scotland and Northwest England

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“This is at heart a book of help and a book of hope. In a season of great uncertainty and anxiety, it speaks very practically, with honesty and insight. Simon's confidence in God's commitment to bring us through the challenges and struggles we all face is infectious. He encourages a way forward – rooted in the promises of God's Word and a fresh rhythm of personal prayer – to live a deeper and renewed life in daily relationship with Christ.”

Chris Cartwright, General Superintendent. Elim churches


“Simon Lawton’s book helps us see that it’s not over until God says so, and as long as there is breath in our lungs there is hope. Courage for the Discouraged wasn’t just written by Simon's pen and ink though; it’s been forged in the crucible of his own story. The hammer of hardships has hit the anvil of his life in so many ways. Yet every time he has gone through a trial, Simon has allowed God to use it. This is a book that will help those of us who know that our lives aren’t perfect, and that God’s plans can sometimes feel confusing, to see that God is always at work in our lives. Simon reminds us that we don't need to understand God to trust him, and that in the end God wins."

Rev Malcolm Duncan, pastor, author, theologian, broadcaster, FRSA

“How do we gain courage when discouraged? For those facing discouragement, a wealth of insight is available from the truths contained within this book. Simon skillfully shows that courage comes from doing the right thing at the right time. He shares biblical understanding that will help with the process of dealing with the discouragement that often arises from difficult life situations. I feel sure that the practical principles gained from his personal experience will equip readers in this challenging area, both now and in the future.”

Pastor Stephen Derbyshire, City Gates Church, Ilford, London

“Displaying humility and transparency, and writing with the heart of a true pastor, Simon Lawton has written a series of powerful encouragements that speak to an array of problems and disappointments we all may face in life. Using stories, scriptures and crafted prayers, Simon reveals a pathway through seasons of discouragement into a more blessed future. I highly recommend this book to all.”

David Peters, director at Spiritlife Ministries in Auckland

“Courage for the Discouraged is filled with bite-sized devotionals that carry large-scale impact. If you find yourself in a season of frustration, disillusionment, uncertainty, or even angry at God, then this book is an excellent tool to realign you to his truth. Filled with grace, saturated with scripture, and infused with the author’s testimony, you will find someone who has navigated challenging seasons himself and yet come out the other side with wisdom and tools to help others walk freely. If you need a dose of courage today, read this book!”

Jen Baker, author and speaker

“This book is like balm for the weary soul. Every section soothes the discouragement of the day and dispenses the medicinal power of hope where you need it most. I have no doubt that many people will be blessed and encouraged, both spiritually and emotionally, as they read Simon’s honest and helpful words.”

Cathy Madavan, speaker, broadcaster and author of Irrepressible: 12 Principles for a Courageous, Resilient and Fulfilling Life

Amazon Reviews

“This is one of the most helpful books I have ever been given. At a time when I was feeling most discouraged, Simons insight into the current world situation was alive and perfect for today. It was like receiving a gift in a large box, tied with ribbon, inside were the most valuable gems if insight from the scriptures and lived experience. I will be reading it again, slowly, as a daily devotional this month.”
(Linda E)

“This book reflects true to life situations with a holistic approach. It appears that the author began writing this book just before the Covid-19 Pandemic and suffice to say it’s a timely message for readers. The author depicts real life situations and reveals that both men and women of God who appear blessed in life and ministry have generally been fashioned and formed out of hardships and trials...showing that good times are invariably preceded by dark times. Periodic lean times and refreshing times serve only to make ready for the next battle, and the next...and the preparation for future life, and always in Gods strength.“
(Margaret Roberts)

“There are several reasons why you might want Simon's book but only one reason why you should bother to buy any book, that is, it makes a real difference to some aspect of your life, which in turn makes you easier to live with. If like me you have worked out that living a cowardly life hasn’t done you or anyone around you any favours, this book will coach you gently towards the truth that you can know how to live a more courageous life. Each short chapter is packed with brilliant stories and clear observations that leave you with few excuses but to read and be encouraged. I think this is a very timely book, and may just help many navigate well through the puzzling times we find ourselves in. So here's to leaving behind the timid life and living courageously!

According to Amazon rules I have to declare that I have been sent a free copy to review, however I have bought 2 further copies to give away.”

“I was fortunate enough to receive a previewing copy of "Courage for the discouraged." Simon Lawton's book is one of great hope and encouragement, coming at an unprecedented time of great uncertainty and anxiety, speaking from his heart and life experiences Simon gives us tools to rekindle that fire within us that realigns us to the truth of how our courage needs to be grounded "not in who WE are but in who HE is" Simon's book if full of beautiful inspirational scripture verses and prayers to keep us firmly on track. Following on from his first book " Imagine" Courage for the discouraged is a timely and inspirational read, reminding us of IN WHO we place our trust.

I would highly recommend this book, you will not be disappointed.“
(Ann Lee)


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About the author Simon Lawton

Simon Lawton, is the author of Imagine and has pastored churches in Crewe, Newcastle and Birmingham. He and his wife Julia have five children, six grandchildren and a crazy little dog called Alfie. Simon is a keen Leicester City supporter and enjoys travelling, running and reading.

Simon is also available for speaking engagements including. church weekends and men’s events.