Pray, wait, trust

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There are times in our lives when we simply do not understand what God is doing or what God wants us to do. Personally I have been without a job since August 2nd. Unfortunately things … Read More

More Grace!

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More grace

We used to have a friend who had a sometimes difficult husband (he was lovely really!) and we would ask her how she coped with him? Her response was always the same – she prayed … Read More

Embrace Change

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Church is barely recognisable today from those that I attended in my childhood. I grew up sitting in my Sunday best on cold hard pews, in poorly heated buildings, singing endlessly long hymns, listening to … Read More

Game Changer

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Game Changers In sport one change can transform the result. We can probably all remember a sports event where a coach has made a decision that has literally changed the game. Perhaps it has been a … Read More


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Have you ever been driving and not seen someone and nearly hit them!? I was driving on the motorway in England a couple of years ago and having checked my mirrors I began to slowly … Read More