Game Changer

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Game Changers In sport one change can transform the result. We can probably all remember a sports event where a coach has made a decision that has literally changed the game. Perhaps it has been a … Read More


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Have you ever been driving and not seen someone and nearly hit them!? I was driving on the motorway in England a couple of years ago and having checked my mirrors I began to slowly … Read More

Don’t Worry Pray!

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When Bob Marley sang the immortal words, ‘Don’t worry about a thing, cause every little things gonna be alright’ (Three Little Birds) he was pretty much on to something! The Apostle Paul taught the Philippians: … Read More

God Sees

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Just recently I was attending a conference at a hotel in the north east of England. We headed for breakfast and I noticed a waitresses rushing around looking quite stressed and angry with everyone. In … Read More

Fake News

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In both the USA and Britain it has becoming increasingly difficult to work out what is true! This has become a massive issue and talking point. I really enjoy interaction on social media however I … Read More

The Missing Key To Success

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I regularly come across people who know that something is missing from their lives and in particular their faith. The search is on for the missing key. If you were to listen to the many self help … Read More

Be Thankful

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How do you start your day? In our house either the alarm goes off or our dog starts barking. I’m always the first one up and the kettle goes straight on. We simply have to … Read More