Be Thankful

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How do you start your day? In our house either the alarm goes off or our dog starts barking. I’m always the first one up and the kettle goes straight on. We simply have to … Read More

Stay Strong

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There were some incredibly strong men and women in Judges. One of my favourite characters is Samson. He is the biblical version of the Incredible Hulk! Samson tore a lion apart and later removed the honey … Read More

Try Praying!

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We recently enjoyed a great holiday in Lanzarote and on our outbound journey the flight became a little bit bumpy. Why does turbulence always occur when the meal or drinks are being served?? So I begin to pray. … Read More

Don’t Lose Hope

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Don't lose hope

Don’t lose hope ~ Thankfully I’ve never been in a violent storm at sea nor been shipwrecked but it’s what Paul and his fellow passengers were facing on the journey to Rome. I can’t imagine … Read More

Why Does My Faith Suck?

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As a pastor I sometimes meet people who are struggling with their faith and are even contemplating giving up on God or church. They’ve perhaps become disappointed & disillusioned with their faith. They’re losing faith with … Read More