How Was Your Year?

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It’s the time of year when the media and newspapers review the year and look back across the world of politics, sports, royalty, celebrity, science, film, medicine etc. My own country has seen its own … Read More

Child Like Faith

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Our children used to have what we described as a ‘mad half hour’ – at such times they would just be bursting with energy, excitement and joy. There was no stopping them! I have to … Read More

Live Love Lead

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They say ‘leaders are readers’ and so I headed off on my holidays with a book which had been recommended by a close friend. The book was Brian Houston’s ‘Live Love Lead’ It’s an absorbing … Read More


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It’s exactly a year since I published my first blog post with great fear and trepidation! Would anyone read them? Would people think I was getting too big for my boots by blogging? Would anyone … Read More

Suffering Well

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Life is far from easy at times and most of us at some point will experience suffering or trials of one kind or another. In my life….I’ve faced loss, financial disaster, bereavement, betrayal, rejection, attacks, … Read More

Lost Vision?

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I was walking my little black dog recently and came across the pair of glasses (pic)that someone had clearly lost. I imagined some guy stumbling home not being able to see where he was going! … Read More