Prioritise Your Life!

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Are you one of those people whose life seems to be in a constant state of disarray?! Some of us are naturally organised and others just seem to live from one crisis to another. I know people who never ever write anything down. They just presume they will remember everything which is simply crazy. None of us can and the larger responsibility we have the more we have to remember!

How To Kickstart Your Prayer Life

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When I was a young man my favourite motor bike was a Kawasaki KE175 and it went like a rocket (particularly due to the fact that the previous owner had altered the gear ratios to make it go much faster!). I loved kick-starting it and the way it literally jumped into life! It was amazing bike and took me on many adventures!

Our prayer life, once kick-started has the ability to take us on amazing adventures with God but also change the narrative of our lives completely!

No Fear!

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I wonder what your greatest fear is? I guess for me my greatest fear is not living to see the fulfilment of the vision God has given me for our church and the Newcastle Dream Centre. It’s a massive vision!