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What an amazing time to be alive!  So many opportunities and yet so many challenges!

My purpose in writing this blog is to enable you, with God’s help to really understand, enjoy and navigate the journey you’re on.

God has taught me so much as I have walked with Him and trusted Him.  As I continue this journey of faith and discovery, I will attempt to share those life lessons.

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Israel’s recent accidental bombing of the World Kitchen food trucks in Gaza resulted in the tragic deaths of seven people, including three British nationals. This highlighted once again the dangers of being in a war zone and the inevitability that innocents will on occasion get......

I’m turning 60. How did that happen? One moment I’m enjoying my childhood, riding my chopper bike, building go-karts, playing footie and building dens on the disused railway line near our home in Leicestershire and the next – I’m a grandad with five children and eight......

“Lead me, Lord, in your righteousness because of my enemies – make your way straight before me.” (Psalms 5:8) As I read the verse above, I had a flashback to when I was a boy attending a Christian youth camp where we used to sing......

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Check out this inspirational book written by my wife, Julia Lawton

“Julia’s story is raw, honest and beautiful.  She has written more than an autobiography or a memoir; she has written a pilgrimage.  Her words reveal her courage, brokenness and pain, but they also reveal a God who is gracious, compassionate and restorative.  I was deeply moved as I read of her remarkable journey, and felt like I was walking on holy ground.  This book is inspiring, but it is also challenging.  It invites us to make our own holy expeditions into the land of hope and grace.”

Malcolm Duncan (FRSA)

Pastor, author, theologian, broadcaster

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